At Marvel, we have an exclusive department dedicated to perform retrofits of high quality Japanese and European CNC machine tools to modernise outdated CNC controllers with latest CNC technology available in the market.

On many occassions the user doesn’t get desired performance from his existing CNC machine due to limited features of old Controller. The user would prefer to replace older CNC with a new machine having latest CNC features however high costs of new machine doesn’t permit everybody to buy a new machine. This is where a retrofitted machine gives him the advantage.

Our dedicated team of highly experienced and qualified engineers consisting of mechanical and electrical technicians deliver a highly dependable and affordable Retrofitted Solutions. All machines brought in for retrofit are dismantled, serviced, repaired or reconditioned prior to re-assembly. Entire new electrical cabinets, panels, wiring are done as per OE standards. Latest available CNC systems are fitted so as to provide upto-date features of a new machine. Our machines thoroughly tried and tested before delivery.

some of the distinct advantage of buying a Marvel Retrofits are :

  • Considerable economic savings compared to new equipment.
  • Increased performance, productivity and efficiency.
  • Competitive machine.
  • High capacity to CNC control.
  • Modern components and technology.
  • Enlargement of the useful life and increase its value.
  • accuracy delivered as per OE standards
  • Under power trials
  • Job trials / job prove outs possible
  • Warantee for CNC system, electrical parts and other bought out parts
  • Guaranteed Performace and satisfaction !

We have successfully completed and delivered several retrofitted machines in the market and have are many high quality CNC machines on our shop floor under retrofitting.