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Pneumatic Feeder Air Feeder ( 8C~11C )

Pneumatic Feeder Air Feeder ( 8C~11C )
Width: 300.0mm~450.0mm


Brief Specifications/ Details

  • Strip Width: 300mm
  • Stroke.Max: 300mm
  • Strip Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Material Line Height: 45mm

Air Feeder

  • We have developed the Air feeder Series by installing a special valve that increases the feeding speed. This Air Feeder Series is specially designed for the high production of small parts, especially when long feed strokes are needed.
  • Versatile
  • Coil stock can be fed in any direction or angle at any time during the machine cycle. A single feed can push or pull through long or short progressions.
  • A variety of stock widths and thicknesses can be fed at different speeds and feed lengths. Two or more strips can be simultaneously fed by the same feed.

How To Select a Feeder?

  • Max. width of your strip in coil form …mm
  • Max. stroke length of your feeding …mm
  • Max. Min thickness of your strip …mm
  • Max. Strokes per minute of press…
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Type Strip Width Max. Stroke max. Strip Thickness Max. Max. Stroke/min
AF-8C 300mm 300mm 2.5mm 45
AF-9C 350mm 350mm 3.0mm 35
AF-10C 400mm 400mm 3.0mm 30
AF-11C 450mm 450mm 3.0mm 25 

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