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New GO Type Straightener Cum Decoiler For Sheet Thickness: 0.4mm~2.5mm

New GO Type Straightener Cum Decoiler
For Sheet Thickness: 0.4mm~2.5mm


Brief Specifications/ Details

  • Material width: 200mm
  • Material thickness: 0.4-2.5mm
  • Coil Inner diameter: Φ450-530mm
  • Coil Outter diameter: Φ1200mm
  • Coil weight: 500KG
  • Straightener rolls: 7 Pieces, Upper*3 / Lower*4
  • Expansion Method: Manul
  • Speed: 16m/min
  • Straightening adjust: 4 point worm gear fine adjustment
  • Loop control: Touch stand
  • Coil keepers: A-frame type coil keeper

Other Details (Approx)

  • Power: 1HP x 4P


  • Decoiler and straightener two in one style improves factory usabel space.
  • Decoier adopts the design of cantilever beam, all sheet metal of frame made of laser plasma cutting, high precision, good equipment interchangeability.
  • Straightener with paraller roller design, with four-point fine tuning for leveling, more suitable for processing high-precsion products, input and output material by four independent pressure to adjust the feed wheel pressure, which can prevent the material deviation.
  • Straightening wheel made of solid bearing steel, after plating thickening electroplating, surface hardness isn’t less than HRC58, to ensure durable materials.
  • All parts made from nc and CNC machining, good interchangeability.
  • Equipment as a whole using the assembled structure, generral technical workers can be assembled and with the replacement of equipment parts, greatly reducing maintenance costs.
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Model GO-200 GO-300 GO-400
Material width 200mm 300mm 400mm
Material thickness 0.4-2.5mm
Coil Inner diameter Φ450-530mm
Coil Outter diameter Φ1200mm
Coil weight 500KG 800KG 1000KG
Straightener rolls 7 Pieces, Upper*3 / Lower*4
Expansion Method Manul
Speed 16m/min
Straightening adjust 4 point worm gear fine adjustment
Loop control Touch stand
Coil keepers A-frame type coil keeper
Power 1HP x 4P 2HP x 4P 2HP x 4P

 Straightening Performance

Thick/Model GO-200 GO-300 GO-400
0.4mm 200mm 300mm 400mm
1.5mm 200mm 200mm 200mm
2.0mm 150mm 150mm 150mm
2.5mm 100mm 100mm 100mm

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