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NCF Type NC Servo Roll Feeder

NCF Type NC Servo Roll Feeder
For Sheet Thickness: 0.6mm~3.5mm
Pneumatic Release System


Brief Specifications/ Details

  • Thickness*Width: 2.0*200, 2.0*300, 2.0*400, 2.0*500, 2.0*600mm
  • Width: 200mm
  • Thickness: 0.6-3.5mm
  • Feed length: 0.1-9999.99mm
  • Speed : 20(m/min


  • It can feed material for various thicknesses and feeding stroke length.
  • It suits for high speed feeding, long stroke length feeding, to improve production capacity and feeding precision.
  • With a good operation panel, so users can input feeding length number, feeding speed number freely. Feeding length range is 0.1mm-9999.99mm.
  • It adopts pneumatic cylinder releasing method, without malfunction.
  • Mechanical releasing method can be made according to customers requirement.
  • High precision feeding, ±0.02mm
  • User can input 5 sets of different feeding length. For each length, user can input 999 strokes quantity number.
  • User can use this feeder, under normal manual running mode, with normal manual speed. It is easy to feed steel material to stamping mould easily for user.
  • Releasing device for a roller is high effective, as per press machine’s cam position electronic signal, and steel material thickness.
  • User inputs feeding length number at a touch screen by finger, feeder can feed steel material to reach that length.
  • Feeding roller is hollow, surface hardness is HRC60, with chrome plating.


  • It adopts high quality servo motor, so can shorten time of feeding testing efficiently.
  • It adopts high-sensitivity encoder, to ensure feedback and improve feeding precision.
  • It adopts good belt, to avoid gears gap, to avoid gear abrasion, without noise, without lubrication, safe, environmental.
  • Motor is installed in its structure internally, to avoid possible damages
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Type Width(mm) Thicknes(mm) Feed length(mm) Speed(m/min)
NCF-200 200 0.6-3.5 0.1-9999.99 20
NCF-300 300 0.6-3.5 0.1-9999.99 20
NCF-400 400 0.6-3.5 0.1-9999.99 20
NCF-500 500 0.6-3.5 0.1-9999.99 20
NCF-600 600 0.6-3.5 0.1-9999.99 20

Feed capacity:

Model NCF-200 NCF-300 NCF-400 NCF-500 NCF-600


2.0*200 2.0*300 2.0*400 2.0*500 2.0*600
2.5*180 2.5*280 2.5*380 2.5*380 2.5*460
3.0*150 3.0*220 3.0*300 3.0*300 3.0*380
3.5*120 3.5*180 3.5*250 3.5*250 3.5*320

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