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MT Type Heavy Decoiler

MT Type Heavy Decoiler


Brief Specifications/ Details

  • Max.Material.width: 1000mm
  • Material thickness: 0.35-1.6mm
  • Coil.I.Dia: 450-530mm
  • Coil.O.Dia: Custom

Other Details (Approx)

  • Max.weight: 10ton

Description :
Decoiler machine capacity ranging:Maximum load weight 30ton, Maximum width 1800mm

  • The design of our reels incorporates a unique “bearing tube” with dual cup and cone Timken bearings to the mandrel and a heavy duty cabinet base. Both motorized and pull-off type reels are available, depending on the application.
  • Single-end configurations are provided as standard, and Double-ended configurations can be provided to optimize production efficiency by lowering the coil changeover time. Most models are available as Traveling Reels that can be combined with automatic centering functions.
  • Custom engineering can be provided to meet any application demands.


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Specification :

Type MT-1000F MT-1300F MT-1600F MT-1800
Max.Material.width 1000mm 1300mm 1600mm 1800mm
Material thickness 0.35-1.6mm
Coil.I.Dia 450-530mm
Coil.O.Dia Custom
Max.weight 10ton 10ton 15ton 20ton

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